- Our New Website for Globes


It was a pretty hectic period once I decided to leave DC. I was needing to sell off all my belongings in addition to my inventory, drive to home to Texas and then move over to Krakow. As all of this was going on, a friend called and asked if I would be interested in taking over her webstore that specialized in antique and vintage world globes. It was terrible timing, but it was a very intriguing offer. 

Long story short, I ended up making Lynchburg, Virginia my first stop and bought the website. Kim has put together an amazing site with great inventory and a huge volume of resources for people researching their own globes. I'm very proud to have been entrusted with carrying on the legacy of 

If you have never visited, please take a look. We are also active on Facebook as Omniterrum and on Instagram as @Omniterrum_Globes!


Jake Moore