1909 Rand McNally Terrestrial Globe

1909 Rand McNally Terrestrial Globe


This is a statement piece for any collection!

The 12" terrestrial globe from American maker Rand McNally is dated 1909. The world looked very different 106 years ago as the major empires of the day controlled large sections of the planet. Within a few years this would all come crashing down with the onset of World War I. The maps on the paper gores tell countless stories of a rapidly changing world. It is easy to get lost in the details.

The globe sits on an Art Nouveau styled claw foot base. The three talons are gripping small globes. A full brass meridian complements the stately look of the globe and keeps the southern portion of the globe from rubbing on the base as happens with so many globes from this era. An analemma in the Pacific Ocean shows the sun's declination and the zodiac calendar. 

There are a few issues with the condition. The set screw that holds the meridian to the base is a little loose. The paper gores have the expected soiling and nicks. There is also a 1.75" crack along the equator south of Hawaii. The cracking is limited to only this small section and does not visually detract from the aesthetics of the piece. Please see the photos for more details.  

Measures 22" tall and 16" at its widest point.

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