Cram's 9" Silver Oceans Globe

Cram's 9" Silver Oceans Globe

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This is a rare globe in fantastic shape. The silver ocean globes by Cram's and Replogle were only made for a few years as the silver color was expensive to produce. The 9" size is also not commonly seen. Add to that the excellent condition of the orb and you get something quite special.

The globe features a full, cast iron meridian in black surrounding a pressboard orb. The seam between the hemispheres is covered with strip of tape. There is one small section of separation that you can see in the photos. The short wave radio stations that are shown in red are faded but still present. Overall, the globe in remarkable condition.

Dates to around 1935-36 as Persia has already changed to Iran, but Burma has not broken away from India, nor has Germany annexed Austria or Czechoslovakia.   

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