Red Remington Portable Typewriter

Red Remington Portable Typewriter


This vintage portable typewriter from Remington is an excellent example of American design just before the Great Depression. The serial number (V159726) dates the typewriter to March of 1929. 

The red and burgundy metal casing is sleek and streamlined without any extraneous parts. The white keys are all made from glass and are collectible on their own. The keys are all striking freely and seem to be in great working condition.

Overall, the typewriter is in great shape since it has been kept in its carrying case its whole life. There is a little paint loss near the front clasp but there are no dents in the body of the typewriter. The carrying case is similarly in great shape.

Case measures 11.5" x 12" x 5"

Total Weight is 12 lbs.

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