4" Illuminated Glass Globe by Paluzie

4" Illuminated Glass Globe by Paluzie


Recently imported from Spain, this 4" illuminated glass globe from Faustino Paluzie Mir makes a huge statement in any room despite its small size! 

Paluzie would have the paper gores produced by noted French maker Perrina and this globe carries on their long tradition of beautiful graphics and cartography. As a result of the smaller size globe, the maps are less detailed than most Perrina globes. The globe features Iran but no Israel which helps date the globe to 1935 to 1948.

The illuminated globe is in fine condition with only two small holes in the paper gores. Slight soiling that would easily be fixed with a professional cleaning. I have installed a new plug on the existing cord. If you would like me to replace (and lengthen) the cord it will be a $20 fee. See pictures for details.

Stands 6" tall and measures 4" wide.

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