Columbus Erdglobus Rolling Globe

Columbus Erdglobus Rolling Globe


This stunning globe was handpicked from Austria. 

Robert Haardt, in an attempt to eliminate the restrictions posed by a traditional axis-mounted globe, designed the Rollglobus (Rolling Globe) in the mid 1930's. Haardt is well-known among globe connoisseurs as the founder of the Globe Museum in Vienna, Austria. 

This smaller school version (Columbus-Schuler-Rollglobus) debuted in 1937.  Despite its small size, the globe is full of detail and information. It sits on a small bakelite base that can measure distance on the globe in both miles and kilometers. 

This particular globe dates to circa 1940. There are a few places along the edge of the gores that have worn away in the Southern Hemisphere. See pictures for more detail.

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