WW2 Era 12" Terrestrial Art Globe w/ Glass Base

WW2 Era 12" Terrestrial Art Globe w/ Glass Base


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Rand McNally released this 12" Terrestrial Art globe over many years. What really sets this globe apart is that is was released during WW2 - a tough time to be producing up to date maps and globes. If you look at the second photo, you can see that Germany has annexed Austria and instead of producing new maps, Rand McNally simply hand colored over the existing maps to show the German territory in purple. 

The distinctive yellow oceans and the illustrated boats from this series are now iconic. The globe came with either a black, white, or green art deco glass base. The black base on this globe has one very minor chip. The glass base and the hand-made plaster orb add considerable weight to the globe. 

The globe does have two major problems. First, the full meridian is warped as you can see in the 5th photo. The meridian can most likely be muscled back into shape. Second, the metal cap at the south pole has started to cut into the thick plaster when the globe is spun. The problem should be solved when the meridian is adjusted.

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