Felkl & Sohn World Globe ca. 1900

Felkl & Sohn World Globe ca. 1900


This beautiful globe was carefully delivered from Austria to the USA as my personal carry-on item. I just couldn't let it out of my sight!

It was made in Prague by J. Felkl & Sohn circa 1900. Labeled in German, the globe is entitled Die Erde, which means the The Earth. An appropriate title for a globe that emphasizes geographical features over political boundaries. 

The orb is made of plaster and features hand-applied gores. The graphics are stunning and  contain quite a bit of information for a globe of this size. The 6" orb sits atop an ebonized wooden stand, simple and elegant. All together the globes measures about 13" in height.

What few nicks and scratches there are on this globe are minor. See pictures for details. 

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