Japanese "Go" Game Board

Japanese "Go" Game Board


Go is an ancient game originally from China, but perfected in Japan. Similar to chess, its a very easy game to learn but takes years to master.

This gorgeous antique "goban" or Go Board was hand carved from a 5.5" thick piece of solid Kaya wood. The wood darkens as it ages, and as this is one of the darker boards I've seen, its easily over 100 years old. The legs are also hand carved and only fit in their correct location. The legs and and board have matching labels. The board has a long shallow crack on the under side as seen in the pictures. 

The "goke" or Go bowls are also hand carved from a single piece of Mulberry wood. One is cracked in two places but is structurally sound.  

The black and white "goishi" or playing pieces are made from slate and shell respectively.

It's a gorgeous game set.

Measures 16" x 17.5" x 10"

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